Ben Cohen


Film Studies Extend To Cameron

When Kevin Cullen, Duke’s new video coordinator, left to accompany Mike Krzyzewski to the Olympics last summer, the spacious video room in the basement of the team’s recently unveiled practice facility had been open for months, even though there was nothing in it.

So why did a small office on the fifth floor of Schwartz-Butters still serve as the team’s video headquarters last season?

Instead of taping every college basketball game from a central computer, why was Mike Schrage, the former director of basketball operations, still scrambling to pop discs into DVR machines in different coaches’ offices?

How come the room next to the team’s video theater was empty?

“The idea of moving midseason or over one night, or even for one hour, wasn’t too appealing,” said Cullen, who assumed his position in May. “As critical as the e-mail server is, the video server is 1A. Arguably, you could get by longer without e-mail as we can without the video server.”

And it is up to Cullen, a 2007 Duke graduate with a computer science degree, to preside over the team’s video operations and indirectly prepare the Blue Devils perhaps as much as anybody else.



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