Ben Cohen


What Did Greg Monroe Say?

Mike Krzyzewski and John Thompson III both refused to credit the Blue Devils’ 76-67 win to freshman center Greg Monroe’s second-half technical foul. Krzyzewski said that the the foul, Monroe’s fourth, simply “stopped the game for a while” and allowed Duke to “right the ship” after the Hoyas had cut Duke’s lead to four. Thompson was understandly more terse, saying that “The technical was a key part of the game, let’s not try to run from that,” after successfully dodging an initial question about the technical.

Still, it was clear that Monroe’s technical foul did change the tenor of the game. The Blue Devils surged from that point, going on a 15-3 run to put the game out of reach. Monroe was noticeably rattled, and when he came back into the game, he was so hesitant to foul out that he backed off on defense.

But the question still remains: Did Monroe actually merit the technical foul? Did he, in fact, say something to Big East official John Cahill, or did the referee attribute a comment from a fan to Monroe?

“A lot of people were saying things,” Monroe said after the game. “I don’t even believe he was really looking at the bench, but I know I definitely didn’t say anything. I can’t say if I heard someone else, but I know I definitely didn’t say anything.”

It wasn’t as black-and-white in the media.



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